The ReUSE store is on the lower level of the MLK Student Union, right next to the OCF.

Barrows Hall is the only station currently stocked and managed by volunteers at ReUSE. If entering the building from the north side, take a left at the end of the lobby; the station is located in a former phone booth near room 119 a little ways down the hall next a drinking fountain. We accept donations at the store in MLK, so please do not leave items at the station.

In addition, there are a few other functional ReUSE stations open to the public. The most popular are Wurster Hall and Mulford Hall. Some of the older stations have been phased out or taken over by the building staff. The stations are open whenever the buildings or rooms that they are in are open.

Le Conte Hall– On the first floor, in the mailroom / stock room and on the second floor in the reading room, room 251

McCone Hall– On the 1st floor of the building at the bottom of the stairwell near the south entrance

Minor Hall– Outside the student lounge on the second floor, southern side of the building near the staircase

Mulford Hall– This is a student and staff run station, very well run despite lack of ReUSE management. On the second floor in the CNR lounge, in room 260

Sutardja Dai – On the 6th floor in the vending machine alcove, east end of the building

University Hall– In the basement, at the foot of the stairs

Wurster – This station has been absorbed by the staff of the building, so it works similarly to the exchange system of the old stations (leave something, take something). On the third floor of Wurster in the administrative offices hallway, just a few paces from the elevator lobby

Center for Latin American Studies – 2334 Bowditch Street, on the second floor of the building in the Copy Room, on the left at the top of the stair case.