Why volunteer?

We depend upon our dedicated members! Your volunteer experience can be as involved or as low-commitment as you please, though we ask for one hour a week. Volunteers keep the ReUSE store running and stock and tidy stations around campus. As a volunteer, you enable us to stay open, providing an important avenue for the UC Berkeley community to reuse and help keep our world sustainable.

All store proceeds go to charity and towards maintaining the club.

As an added bonus, volunteers receive special store perks!

Volunteers can also help with various ReUSE events each year, such as volunteering at the Reader & Clothing Move-Out Collection every May, Freecycling events where we give away clothes, textbooks and readers on Sproul Plaza, Earth Week outreach, store promotional sales, DIY workshops, and more.

Committee members have the opportunity to take on leadership and committee roles in the Store, Stations, Events and Outreach Committees. Learn more about committees and join one here

How do I become a volunteer?