ReUSE is a thrift store and materials exchange, which means we accept and appreciate donations and trades alike. However, we have some quality control on items we can accept.

Some items that we accept/offer include:
  • binders
  • hole-punchers
  • calculators
  • bulletin boards
  • desk trays
  • books
  • clothes hangers
  • paperclips
  • staples
  • clothes
  • readers
  • notebooks
  • folders
  • one-side clean paper
  • pens, pencils
  • scissors
  • desk lamps
  • moving boxes
  • working electronics
  • small household items

Items that we cannot accept:
  • Underwear! (bras are ok)
  • Bed sheets and towels
  • Electronic waste (computers, printers, fax machines). There are many Alameda county programs that will take these items listed on
  • Broken items. General rule of thumb: if you can’t reuse it, don’t donate it.
  • Ripped or heavily stained clothing. General rule of thumb: if you can’t re-wear it, don’t donate it.
  • Hazardous waste (paint, paint thinners, batteries, motor oil). For a list of items classified as hazardous waste and how to dispose of these materials, go to
Move out resources

Please refer to and for more move-out-specific information, including locations to donate furniture (through the Cooperative Reuse program run by the Berkeley Student Cooperative) and locations that accept ewaste.

How to donate medium to small items:

You may donate items at the ReUSE Store on the first floor of MLK Student Union during our open hours, and by placing them in the bin outside of the store at any time. However, do not overflow the bin. Please contact us at if you have any issues.

How to donate large items or lots of items:

If you or your department have more than a box of material, or very large items, please contact,, or visit for more information about sustainable disposal such items on Cal’s campus.

If you are interested in donating large items during move out season, please see the move out resources above.