Fall Semester Begins!

Fall semester has arrived, and the store will be open Monday – Saturday! Please sign up to volunteer, especially for this first week of school. The more we are open, the greater chance we can get binders, folders, and textbooks into the hands of students before they spend hundreds of dollars at regular stores. Since this week is so important, we’ll be having DOUBLE perk points all week. This means that for every hour you volunteer, you will receive two dollars of store credit. Come refresh your wardrobe for the new semester!

We’ve got a lot of events coming up, too!

1) Store Cleaning Party on Sunday, 8/25 starting at 5pm! Come by whenever you are able and help get the store ready for the semester. There will be music and merriment, guaranteed.

2)  Freecycling on Sproul Plaza, Wednesday  8/28 & Thursday 8/29 from 11am – 1pm. We’ll be partnering with Cal Zero Waste to distribute free office supplies, textbooks and clothes!

3) In-Store Scavenger Hunt, Monday 9/2 from 4 -6 pm as part of Getting Your Bearings. There will be freebies and fun times looking in the store.

4) Infosessions on Tuesday, 9/10 at 8pm in 140 Barrows and on Thursday, 9/12 at 8pm in 136 Barrows. Come for cheesy sticks, free shirts and to talk about what ReUSE is all about!

5) We’ll also be at Calapalooza on Thursday, 9/5 from 3 – 7pm and would love some volunteers to help out, particularly if you’re interested in getting more involved. 

We’re very excited for this semester, and hope you are too! Hope to see you in the store soon, and welcome (back) to Berkeley!