Earth Month 2019

So, it’s Earth Month. What does ReUSE have planned?

Freecycling – Wed. April 10th 12-3PM: We’ll be giving out free office supplies and clothes on Sproul to promote sustainability and reach a different crowd than the people who usually frequent the store.
Cal Day – Sat. April 13th 9AM-4PM: Join us in the student org madness on Sproul to pass out free books, binders, and clothes and to help spread the word of ReUSE to incoming students.
ReUSE General Meeting – Thurs. April 18 7-8PM: Come hang out with ReUsers in the store at our next general meeting! We will most likely be preparing for tie dye, talking about move-out, and maybe sorting through some clothes.
Zero Waste Fair – Fri. April 26th 12-3PM: It’s time for DIY Tie Dye! Come out to Memorial Glade to help give new life to old white clothing at this fair. There will also be a clothes swap happening, so bring out some clothes that you’d like to exchange!

Speaking of exchanging clothes, the sale at the store is 2x the value on trade-ins. That’s right, when you bring in an item to donate at the ReUSE Store, you can get another item that is worth twice as much! Get on that spring cleaning – there’s lots of new items at ReUSE to check out.