Store Redesign

If you’ve stopped by the store recently, you may have noticed the store has an entirely new look. Thanks to the Store Committee for doing such a great job reorganizing the store! Interested in joining one of ReUSE’s committees? It’s not too late! Fill out this form to get involved with ReUSE’s Events, Stations, Store, or Outreach committees.

In our general meetings in February and March, we designed new signs for the store, organized lots of clothes, and planned new events while enjoying snacks with friends. Come join us at the next General Meeting, Thursday 3/21 from 7-8pm  in the store!

We’ve almost reached the date for the first tier of Active Members Perks! Members who have at least 15 perk points will be treated to frozen yogurt. The second tier (45 perk points) will be at the end of the semester, so look out for that! Thank you to everyone who has volunteered this semester! Even one or two hours a week makes a difference, since it allows more people to donate, shop and pick up some cool free stuff!

The Repair Clinic is busy taking orders! Stop by the store whenever we are open to drop off your clothing items with small tears or missing buttons. There is a Repair Clinic Workshop on 3/14 in Unit 1 APR at 5:30 pm where you can learn how to perform common clothing fixes, and receive a free sewing kit! There will be more workshops coming up this semester as well. 

Sale alert: Dresses are 50% off from now until Spring Break!