Infosession this week!

ReUSE’s infosession is this Tuesday, 2/5 at 8pm in Dwinelle 130. Come out to find out more about how ReUSE works, what our plans are for the semester, and to meet new ReUsers! Even if you are already an active ReUSE volunteer or member, it’s always nice for potential members to have a chance to meet you and hear about your experience with us. Also, we’ll be having cheesy sticks! Hope to see you there.

Please note that some of the flyers we passed out had a mistake on them, advertising that our infosession was on Thursday, 2/5. In reality, February 5th is a Tuesday and that is when the infosession is. Sorry for any confusion this caused!

The infosession flyer doubles as a coupon, so if someone brings it into the store anytime this week they can get one accessory item for free!

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered this week! Don’t forget that our shift schedule rolls over, so if you signed up that means you are automatically signed up for the upcoming week as well. Try to remember to remove your name from the schedule at least 24 hours before that shift, if possible. 

What’s coming up next with ReUSE? Keep an eye out for information about a Repair Clinic opening up in the store very soon! Also, our first general meeting will be Thursday 2/21 at 7pm in the ReUSE store.